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Discover the critical factors like size, weight, handle material, and safety features that make all the difference when choosing children’s shovels. Whether nurturing a toddler’s first interest in planting or supporting a pre-teen’s growing passion for outdoor activities, the right shovel can cultivate a lifelong love for gardening.

If you want quick recommendations, head to our curated picks for the best children’s shovels, categorized by age and purpose. Our selection is tailored to help you find the most suitable shovel for your child’s gardening adventures, whether they’re just starting out or already have a green thumb.

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Selecting the Right Shovel

When introducing children to gardening, choosing shovels tailored to their size and strength is essential. This involves helping them select the right size and weight of shovel according to their size and strength and demonstrating proper shovelling techniques. Our selection criteria prioritize function, material safety, and child friendly features.

Children’s Shovels By Purpose

Small Shovels (25-30 inches):  Small shovels are ideal for children aged 3-5 and are mainly used for light digging and moving small amounts of soil. They are perfect for digging small holes, filling pots, and planting flowers. 

Medium Shovels (31-34 inches): These shovels are suitable for children aged 6-8. They provide greater leverage for tasks that require more effort, such as preparing garden beds, weeding, and shovelling snow or sand. 

Large Shovels (35-40 inches): These children’s shovels are best for those nine and older who can safely handle larger tools. They are ideal for transplanting larger plants, digging deeper and larger holes, and moving heavier soil or mulch. 

Handles On Children’s Shovels

Children’s shovels come with various handle materials. Since children’s hands are delicate, selecting the right lightweight and comfortable handle is important. The shovel’s wood, plastic or metal handle should be broad and easy to grip, while the shaft should be smooth without splinters or sharp edges.  

Wood Handles: These are lightweight and eco-friendly, providing a good grip. However, they may splinter over time and are less durable in wet conditions. 

Plastic Handles: These are lightweight, colourful, and easy to clean. They do not splinter, but they may not be as sturdy as other materials. They are ideal for young children. 

Metal Handles are the most durable and long lasting but can be heavy. They may be unsuitable for small children who cannot handle the weight.

Children’s Shovels And Safety

When introducing children to gardening, their safety should be our utmost priority. The shovel they use should have certain safety features, such as blunt or rounded blades, to ensure that digging is safe and without sharp points. 

In addition, non-slip grips will help children handle the shovel securely. Regularly check the grips for wear and tear and replace them if they become loose or damaged. 

Another safety feature that can be added to the shovel is reflective stickers, which make the tool visible to prevent tripping. Brightly coloured stickers on the handle and blade are advisable to enhance visibility. It is also important to always supervise children while digging and teach them the proper use of the shovel to prevent accidents.

Whether your child is building a snowman, crafting sandcastles, or helping in the garden, finding the right shovel is essential for fostering a love of outdoor play and learning. We have carefully selected a variety of shovels that are durable, safe, and appropriately sized for children of different ages. Our choices aim to ensure hours of fun and constructive play in various environments, from the snowy backyard to the sunny beach. Discover our roundup of the best shovels for your little ones.

1. Bedwina Beach Shovels for Kids

We believe these colorful shovels by Bedwina are a fantastic investment for parents seeking to enhance their children’s playtime with versatile, durable tools perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.


  • Includes four vibrant colors, engaging for kids
  • Robust plastic and easy grip handles suitable for small hands
  • Versatile for use in sand, dirt, or snow


  • Not as large as some may prefer for bigger projects
  • May be pricier compared to others
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty digging tasks

Holding one of these sturdy, brightly colored shovels in hand immediately makes us think of the fun times children can have at the beach or in the backyard. Their compact size means that even during a snowy day, kids can switch from building sandcastles to creating miniature snow forts effortlessly.

The simplicity of storage is also a huge plus, as we can just scoop them up into their mesh bag and toss them into the trunk, ready for any spontaneous adventure.

Using Bedwina’s shovels for leisure activities not only allows for a burst of creativity and playfulness but also encourages kids to get involved in gardening, helping them to learn about nature while nurturing their curiosity.

Our time with these shovels proves that they are solidly constructed and can endure the rough and tumble of kids’ play. Plus, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing each child can have their own shovel, reducing squabbles during playdates or family outings.

2. Egashow Kids Gardening Set


  • Durably crafted with real metal and wooden handles
  • Kid-friendly design with non-sharp edges ensures safety
  • Useful for various activities: gardening, beach, and snow play


  • Tools may be smaller than some expect
  • Metal tools may not be suitable for very young children without supervision
  • Limited number of tools; only five included

We found this set to be an excellent starter kit for little ones interested in gardening, combining safety and functionality effectively.

From the moment we got our hands on the Egashow Kids Gardening Set, we appreciated its sturdy construction. The wooden handles are solid, and the metal is coated, preventing rust and wear from outdoor use. This aspect is crucial as genuinely durable children’s toys are hard to come by.

When children engage with these tools, they seem to gain a greater interest in outdoor activities. Whether digging in the garden, playing in the sand, or even shoveling some snow, the tools have proven versatile. This versatility is a significant benefit, ensuring the set’s utility throughout the year.

Despite the robust construction, the designers have thoughtfully kept safety in mind. The edges are blunted, and the weight is manageable for small hands, making the tools ideal for children to use without worrying parents. However, as with all metal tools, it’s wise to supervise very young children. The size is another factor to consider; they are perfect for toddlers and young children but may be a tad small for older kids who might require something larger. Additionally, this set includes just five tools, which suffices for basic gardening tasks but may leave avid young gardeners yearning for more.

3. Dilabnba Kid’s Shovels


  • Ideal for a variety of activities and seasons
  • Constructed with a durable handle and sturdy plastic
  • Comes with a complete set including a rake, scoop, and shovel


  • Not as durable as adult gardening tools
  • The size may be smaller than expected
  • Primarily suited for lighter tasks, sand or loose dirt and snow

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed these versatile shovels that are great for year-round outdoor fun, from the beach to the garden.

We recently brought the Dilabnba Kid’s Shovels on a family outing to the beach. The excitement they stirred in our children, leaving their gadgets behind to build sandcastles, was a sight to behold. The lightweight wooden handle was easy for them to grip, while the colorful plastic heads were sturdy enough for their enthusiastic digging.

These shovels have also made their way into our backyard adventures. Planting new flowers became a family affair, with the shovels being just the right size for little hands to help out. The additional rake and scoop that come in the set have proven indispensable for gathering leaves and assisting with garden maintenance.

Ultimately, the Dilabnba Kid’s Shovels have brought a surprising amount of joy and utility to our outdoor family time. While they aren’t suited for heavy-duty digging, their multifunctionality has been a fundamental part of recreative activities across different seasons. It’s easy to see these shovels becoming a staple in any family’s collection of outdoor toys.

4. Beach Fun Shovels


  • Ideal for little hands with wooden handles
  • Durable ABS plastic shovel withstands rough play
  • Comes in a set of three with a convenient carry bag


  • Limited to only three colors
  • May not be suitable for heavy digging
  • 16-inch size may be too small for older children

We think these shovels are a fantastic choice for kids who love to play at the beach or dig in the sandbox, combining durability and the perfect size for small hands.

These shovels have been a real joy during our recent beach outing. Their sturdy wooden handles fit snugly in tiny palms, making the shovels easy for the children to grip and maneuver. As a bonus, the ABS plastic heads are robust enough to endure the enthusiastic digging and piling up of sand castles.

Having a set of three means there is less squabbling and more fun among the little ones. With red, blue, and green colors, each child could choose their favorite, though we did overhear a wish for a purple one. The included net bag is quite handy, making it simple to carry the shovels to and from the beach. It was also convenient for storage, drying, and keeping track of all pieces.

While these shovels have proven plenty strong for sand and garden adventures, we haven’t yet tested them in snow or heavier soil. They are probably best for lighter tasks due to the plastic construction. Also, for kids approaching their mighty growth spurts, these 16-inch shovels might soon be outgrown. That said, for toddlers and young children, the size seems just right.

5. Jumbo Beach Shovels


  • Resilient plastic and wooden handles withstand energetic play
  • Versatile for the beach or garden use, enhancing creative play
  • Ergonomic design appropriate for children


  • Some may find the size smaller than expected
  • Durability may vary with intensive use
  • Limited to three tools which may restrict some activities

We find the Jumbo 16″ Beach Shovels by Anzmtosn to be a vibrant and sturdy option for children who love to play outdoors, whether they’re building sandcastles or snow forts.

We’ve just had the pleasure of trying out the shovels, and they certainly add a splash of color and fun to any child’s outdoor activities. The tools’ robust construction with pine wood handles mean kids can really put them through the paces without worry.

Aside from their appealing look, we appreciate how the ergonomically designed handles fit perfectly into little hands, making gardening or beach play less of a chore and more of an adventure. The hanging hole is a thoughtful addition, ensuring the tools are neatly stowed away after playtime is over.

Our time with these shovels showed they were just the right size for most children, allowing them to engage comfortably in various outdoor tasks. However, parents expecting larger tools might be surprised. Despite this, the shovels’ multifunctionality made every digging session a pure delight.

6. Adjustable Length Kids Snow Shovel


  • Adjustable Length
  • The D-Grip handle is designed for small hands, making it easy for kids to hold and control, even with winter gloves or mittens
  • Lightweight and Durable


  • Plastic is sturdy, but could break in cold temperatures
  • Shovels are specifically designed for snow only
  • Adjustable feature may not accommodate tall children or those in their early teens

I purchased the Adjustable Length Kids Snow Shovel set for my two children, aged 4 and 6, and it’s been an absolute hit! Living in an area where snow is a regular part of our winters, I wanted something that would not only be fun for outdoor play but also practical for teaching them about tools and winter.

Firstly, the adjustability of these shovels is fantastic. The length can be easily changed from 28.4 to 33.1 inches, which means the shovels can grow with my kids. I found this feature especially useful as it ensures proper posture and prevents back strain, which can happen when kids use adult sized shovels.

The D-Grip handles are perfectly sized for little hands, and my children can comfortably hold onto them even with mittens on. The red and blue colors are vibrant and make the shovels easy to spot against the white snow, something my kids love.

The plastic construction is lightweight yet sturdy enough for kids to handle snow without it being too taxing for them. They have been using these shovels almost daily since we got them, and they are holding up remarkably well.

One of my favorite aspects is that these shovels encourage my kids to play outside and be active. They’ve created snow forts, helped clear walkways, and even assisted the neighbors. It’s wonderful to see them taking pride in their work and enjoying the snow in a constructive way.

The two-pack is great for siblings or playdates, ensuring there’s no arguing over who gets to shovel next. It’s also an excellent way for them to learn about teamwork as they work together to clear areas or build snow creations.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing children’s shovels can be an enriching experience as these simple tools not only provide hours of play and entertainment but also serve as valuable instruments for learning and development. Through activities such as digging and shoveling, children can enhance their motor skills, engage in creative play, and develop an appreciation for outdoor leisure activities. Whether on the beach, in the backyard, or at a playground, a child’s shovel is more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to discovery and learning.

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