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Whether clearing the snow, digging a trench, working the soil in the garden, building a sand castle at the beach, hiking or getting your vehicle unstuck, a shovel is a necessity. Find the information you need on a variety of shovels.

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Metal Vs. Plastic Snow Shovel – The Winner Is

There can be only one clear winner when it comes to a metal vs. plastic snow shovel.

History of the Shovel

A historical perspective of one of the most essential tools in human history, the shovel.

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Buying Children’s Shovels

Discover the critical factors like size, weight, handle material, and safety features that make all the difference when choosing children’s shovels. Whether nurturing a toddler’s first interest in planting or supporting a pre-teen’s growing passion for outdoor activities, the right shovel can cultivate a lifelong love for gardening.

Children’s Shovels: Safe Gardening Practices for Kids

Children’s shovels, explicitly designed for smaller hands, are an ideal starting point. These tools are not only safer for children, but they also make the gardening experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Snow Shovelling Techniques For Seniors

Shoveling snow is a challenging task, especially for seniors. It requires physical strength, endurance, and proper technique to avoid injury. With the appropriate equipment, warm-up exercises before shovelling, and lifting and throwing snow shovelling techniques for seniors, shovelling becomes a more manageable task.

The Role of Shovels in Extracting Resources

Shovels have evolved from simple hand tools to machines capable of moving tons of earth in a single scoop but the role of shovels in extracting resources has been ever present. 

Is A Spade A Shovel

When tending to our gardens or handling landscaping tasks, we often encounter two seemingly similar tools: the spade and the shovel. They both serve essential purposes in gardening and excavation, so is a spade a shovel is a common question. 

The Science Behind Shovel Design: Optimizing Your Digging Experience

This article will delve into the science behind shovel design and the principles of designing a shovel that ensures maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety.