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Whether clearing the snow, digging a trench, working the soil in the garden, building a sand castle at the beach, hiking or getting your vehicle unstuck, a shovel is a necessity. Find the information you need on a variety of shovels.

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Metal Vs. Plastic Snow Shovel – The Winner Is

There can be only one clear winner when it comes to a metal vs. plastic snow shovel.

History of the Shovel

A historical perspective of one of the most essential tools in human history, the shovel.

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Snow Shovels For A Person Of Short Stature

Snow shovels for a person of short stature are challenging to find, however there are snow shovels suited to a person of short stature helping you to clear snow much more efficiently.

Digging Post Holes In Winter Successfully

If you need to dig a post hole, there are some tips that you can use to make the process easier and more successful.

Cornish Shovels

The Cornish shovel, made from metal, with a long thin handle and a wide scooped blade, was used for centuries for digging trenches, laying foundations, and other manual labor tasks.

The Difference Between Macrame Rope and Macrame String

When it comes to macrame, the two most commonly used materials are macrame rope and macrame string. Macrame rope is usually made from natural fibres such as cotton or hemp, while macrame string is often made from a synthetic material like a nylon cord. 

Razorback Shovels

A razorback shovel is thicker along the spine, has a solid socket double riveted onto the handle and was stronger yet lighter than other shovels.

Tomahawks and Hatchets: Differences & Similarities

Tomahawks and hatchets have two primary differences- the design of the head and handle.