Move snow and dirt with the perfect Shovel

Whether clearing the snow, digging a trench, working the soil in the garden, building a sand castle at the beach, hiking or getting your vehicle unstuck, a shovel is a necessity.

We will help you find the best products for your needs and provide you with information and buying guides on a variety of shovels.

Two Shovels

Latest Shovel Guides

Shovel Spade

Are Spades And Shovels The Same?

The term “shovel” is an all-encompassing descriptor for anything with a flat, metal digging tool. Much like screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver is a screwdriver, …

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Are Ergonomic Shovels Better Than A Regular Shovel?

Yes, ergonomic design when creating shovels has come about as manufacturers are developing ways to reduce stress on your arms, feet, and back while digging. …

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What Does The Number On A Shovel Mean?

Every shovel has what is called a size number on the side of the blade. This size number denotes  three things: The size of the …

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Wearing Heated Clothing When Removing Snow

The production and sale of heated wearables over the years have increased, so you can purchase everything from gloves to jackets. The development of these …

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Best Kept Secrets About Snowplows For Vehicles

What Is A Snowplow? Living in a snow belt where heavy snowfalls in the wintertime are the norm brings some challenges for clearing the snow. …

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Avalanche Shovels For Winter Adventures

There are over 100,000 avalanches that happen every year in the U.S.A. and Canada that have taken many lives. The odds of surviving an avalanche …

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