From rescue operations to sailing, ropes have been a fixture of civilization since ancient times. Today, ropes are strong and flexible enough to be tied into various shapes and lengths.

The Difference Between Macrame Rope and Macrame String

When it comes to macrame, the two most commonly used materials are macrame rope and macrame string. Macrame rope is usually made from natural fibres such as cotton or hemp, while macrame string is often made from a synthetic material like a nylon cord. 

Kinetic Rope Vs. Traditional Rope

The name kinetic rope comes from the fact that kinetic energy is stored within the rope when it is under tension, providing an extra layer of strength.

Person WIth Jump Rope

Jumping And Skipping Ropes

Jumping and skipping ropes come in different sizes, styles, materials and lengths and are made from several fibers or small ropes twisted and tied together.

Bungee Cord Rope

Bungee cords are ropes and are a versatile and affordable product used for various purposes. 

History of Rope

The History of Rope

The History of Rope is intriguing and is the literal building blocks of significant advances in human history. Without a rope, the Egyptians couldn’t have built the pyramids and Europeans wouldn’t have discovered the Americas.

Paracord Use, Strength, and Working Load

Paracord comes in a fantastic variety of sizes, colors, and lengths. The customization options are limitless as well. You can make bracelets, necklaces, and dog collars, or you can put it to more industrial uses such as boat tie-downs, securing…

4 Types of Paracord -How It Differs From Rope

Paracord is one of those technological innovations that started in the military. It grew from there, eventually expanding beyond military applications as paracord is too helpful to remain in a single industrial bubble. There are many sizes and types of…

Marine Rope

The Strongest and Weakest Types Of Rope

The strongest or weakest rope depends on the material that comprises a rope and the ropes application.

Climbing rope

9 Types Of Rope and Their Use

Rope can be made using natural or synthetic materials and vary in strength and intended application.