Shovels are essential tools for all outdoor projects. They can be used to dig trenches, move soil and rocks, shovel snow, scrape surfaces, and even spread fertilizer or compost. Their versatility makes them invaluable in a variety of settings.

Calculating The Number Of Shovels Needed To Fill Anything

Calculating the number of shovels needed to fill anything and how to arrive at the answer.

Tile Spade vs. Drain Spade

Tile Spade vs Drain Spade; one scores and digs a hole or trench the other clears out the debris.

How The Taper Mouth Shovel Is Changing Gardening Forever

An innovative Taper Mouth Shovel design that makes navigating through the soil and other garden materials straightforward

4 Types of Shovel Handles And The Benefits of Each

Different types of shovel handles are available on shovels, and each has its own set of benefits. The most common shovel handle types are wooden, metal or aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass.

Hoe vs. Spade: Which One is Better for Gardening?

When it comes to gardening two tools that help are a hoe and spade; which is better?

5 Shovels For Digging Up Roots

Unwanted plant roots can be a real pain if you’re a gardener. They can invade your flower beds, crowd out your other plants, and mess things up.

The Differences Between A Shovel And A Spade

The main difference between a spade and a shovel is the blade’s size, shape, and weight.

How to Know If You Need to Stop Shoveling Snow 

Signs you may need to stop shoveling snow and find another way to clear your driveway or sidewalks.

Scoop shovel

Large Scoop Shovels – What It Is & Looks Like

A scoop shovel is a workhorse utilized to move piled-up materials such as compost, grain, sand, and gravel. This shovel also comes in smaller sizes to scoop coffee, flour and dirt for plants.