The Rabbiting Spade Is Helping Gardeners Around The World

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Like most gardeners, you’re always looking for ways to make your gardening more manageable and efficient. The rabbiting spade is helping gardeners around the world and is essential for any gardener who wants to create neat, tidy garden beds. 

This gardening tool allows you to quickly and easily create clean lines in your garden beds without using a shovel or other larger gardening tools. 

Rabbiting spades are different from other gardening tools because they are designed to create clean lines and trenches.

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History Of The Rabbiting Spade

The rabbiting spade, also called poachers spade, was created by farmers when times were lean, and no meat was available as the nobles were “out of town,” and people were hungry. So a regular spade was cut down, and a point formed on the end so that it could easily dig into rabbit holes to obtain food. 

Though rabbiting spades have been around for centuries, their name comes from the fact that they were initially used to dig holes for rabbits. Today, these versatile tools help with various tasks, from planting to weeding.

The rabbiting spade gained popularity in America during the early 1800s. At this time, many Americans were moving westward into new territory. This often meant homesteading on land that had never been cultivated before. This spade was the perfect tool for this work, allowing settlers to quickly and easily dig holes for their crops.

Today, the rabbiting spade is still a popular tool among gardeners. It is handy for digging holes for planting trees, shrubs, and other large plants. It is also handy for trenching and removing stumps.

Why Should I Use A Rabbiting Spade?

There are two main types of rabbiting spades: those with a D-handle and those with a T-handle. D-handle spades are more comfortable to use and offer more leverage, but they can be more challenging to control. On the other hand, T-handle spades are easier to manage but can be less comfortable to use.

It would help if you used a rabbiting spade in your garden for many reasons. First, Rabbiting spades are great for creating tidy garden beds. This gardening tool allows you to quickly and easily create clean lines in your garden beds without using a shovel or other larger gardening tools. 

Traditional spades can be used for these same tasks but are not as efficient. Rabbiting spades are narrower and have sharper blades, making them much better at digging narrow trenches.

The Advantages Of Rabbiting Spade Over A Traditional Spade

Using a rabbiting spade has many advantages over using a traditional spade. Rabbiting spades are designed to make digging holes in the ground more manageable and more comfortable to use. They are also more durable, so you will not have to replace them often.

Rabbiting spades are also much more versatile. You can use them to dig trenches, plant trees, and even remove stumps. Traditional spades are not nearly as versatile and cannot be used for all of these tasks.

Many types of rabbiting spades are available today, but they all share one key feature: a long, thin blade ideal for digging in tight spaces. For those dedicated gardeners who want the best of both worlds, hybrid spades that feature both a serrated and straight edge are available. This allows you to tackle any digging job, no matter how tough.

One of the primary benefits of using a rabbiting spade is that it helps to aerate the soil in your garden, which is essential for two reasons

  • it helps the roots of your plants to grow more efficiently
  • it helps to improve drainage in your garden, preventing waterlogging and other problems

Rabbiting spades are also great for weeding, as they can help eliminate weeds that have taken root in tight spaces. 

How To Use A Rabbiting Spade To Create A Clean Edge

Using a rabbiting spade is very simple. First, you need to find a straight edge in your garden bed. This could be a brick wall, a fence, or pull a string line. Once you have found a straight edge, place the blade of the spade against the edge and push down. The serrated teeth on the sword of the spade will create a clean, straight line in the soil.

Rabbiting spades are also great for edging lawns. Place the blade of the spade along the edge of the lawn and push down. The serrated teeth on the blade will create a clean, straight edge.

How to Use a Rabbiting Spade To Plant A Tree, Bulb Or Trench

Using a rabbiting spade is relatively simple. Begin by finding an area that you would like to dig in. For example, if you are planting a tree or shrub, ensure the hole is big enough to accommodate the roots. Once you have found the perfect spot, insert the blade of the spade into the ground at a 45-degree angle.

Next, push down the spade’s handle to drive the blade into the ground. Continue pushing until the blade is through the soil. Finally, pull the handle towards you to remove the blade and substrate from the ground.

If you are creating a trench for planting bulbs, place the blade of the spade at the desired depth and width and push down. The serrated teeth on the blade will create a perfect trench for planting bulbs.

Top Rabbitting Spades That You Can Buy Right Now On Amazon

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Lesche Ground Shark

This beast of a tool is made in the U.S.A. and cuts through roots and heavy clay with ease. It is a very solid rabbiting spade and the price while higher than most is well worth it.

Lil’ Digger 29″ Heavy Duty
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