Wheeled Snow Shovels Buyers Guide

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When temperatures have dropped, and lots of snow has fallen to the ground we look for the perfect tool to clear all that snow as efficiently as possible. 

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to review six of the best snow pushers or shovels that you can find on the market today.

Lets begin the review:

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Dakota Wheeled Snow Blade

First on this list is the fantastic wheeled snow blade by Dakota.

The manufacturers boldly claim that this is the best shovel in the world, and it looks like they might be right!

The company is entirely confident in this product, so they even offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This model has an impressive 36″ wide shovel blade that makes it super easy for you to move lots of snow with just one push. At best, you can use this model to clear snow that’s as much as 4″ deep.

There is one downside, though. Even though the shovel blade width is extensive, it’s not very tall. As a result, it might be suitable for sidewalks but less so if you’re trying to clear areas with thicker snow.

Dakota SnoBlade Snow Blade Removal Shovel w/Wheels

Snowcaster 36-inch Heavy Duty Snow Pusher

Next, we have a heavy-duty snow pusher by Snowcaster.

Like the previous one, this model also comes with a 36″ wide shovel that will do well in up to 3″ of wet snow.

The blade is bi-directional, making it easy to do repeated passes over the same area to thoroughly clear out any snow you missed the first time around.

On the plus side, this is a highly-durable, American-made snow pusher that’s well-engineered.

Even though the manufacturer uses a durable plastic material to make this shovel, some people might not feel too confident in materials longevity.

Unfortunately, this model seems to lack when it comes to assembly. The assembly instructions aren’t too clear, and you’ll need wrenches in three different sizes to put it together.

The Snowcaster 70SNC 36-Inch Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher

Sunkorto Heavy Duty Wheeled Snow Plow Shovel

Of course, we just had to include Sunkorto on this list with their heavy-duty wheeled snowplow.

The first two things you’ll love about this model are how the aluminum handle is adjustable and how the wheels are solid.

Both of these will provide you with added comfort and easy use.

Besides that, it has a shovel that’s both wide and incredibly high.

The blade is 13″ in width and 25″ in height, so you can use it to clear snow even if it’s pretty deep.

Best of all, assembling this Sunkorto model is super easy.

The manufacturer includes a wrench in the package that you can use to fix it up in minutes.

The only tool needed by you is a screwdriver, as Sunkorto doesn’t include it with the unit.

Sunkorto Rolling Snow Pusher

Orientools Dual-Angle Snow Pusher

Suppose you’re looking for something that’s even heavier-duty than the rest.

Check out the dual-angle snow pusher by Orientools.

This model has such a unique design that you can recognize it from far away.

Instead of just having one blade, this unit combines two blades into a sort of triangle shape that can clear snow that’s up to 5″ deep.

That shape allows you to push snow to the left and the right simultaneously, clearing a straight path with even greater ease.

Unfortunately, some users might struggle with the assembly of this model.

The assembly instructions aren’t easily understood, and the wrench that comes in the package isn’t as useful as it should be.

Still, if you have a toolbox of your own, you might find the assembly challenge somewhat easier to overcome.

ORIENTOOLS Dual Angle Rolling Snow Pusher with 6″ Wheels and Adjustable Handle

Gymax Wheeled Snow Pusher

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the snow pusher by Gymax.

This one has a significantly larger-than-average blade at 29″ wide that can clear out 5″ deep snow without a problem.

Better than that, it comes with an ergonomic T-shaped grip and pusher rod that keeps your hands comfortable as you use this tool.

Combine that with the rod’s adjustable height, and you’ve got a snow pusher that won’t hurt your hands no matter how long you use it.

The only drawback? The blade isn’t replaceable, so you’ll want to take extra good care of it after each use to make sure it lasts longer.

GYMAX Wheeled Snow Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 29″ Plate & Anti-Skid Wheels & Adjustable Handle, Driveway or Pavement Snow Removal Tool

Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

Last but not least, we have the heavy-duty snow pusher by Ivation.

You’ll love this model if you prefer an incredibly lightweight snow pusher.

Despite that, it’s still a heavy-duty beast that can clear up to 5″ of snow in a single pass thanks to its blade that’s 25″ wide and 13″ high.

Not the highest of all the blades mentioned on this list; still, that’s plenty to do a great job clearing the snow without a problem.

Unfortunately, given how lightweight this Ivation snow pusher is, it gives off a feeling of being flimsy.

It still performs well, of course, but some users may not be satisfied with the slightly cheap feel that comes from using such a light snow pusher.

Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6″ Rubber Wheels & Adjustable Handle

Our Overall Ratings

Shovel NeedProduct
Deep snow Accumulation
Sunkorto Heavy Duty Wheeled Snow Plow Shovel
Light to Medium Snow Accumulation
The Snowcaster 70SNC 36-Inch Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher
Best Lightweight
Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6″ Rubber Wheels & Adjustable Handle

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