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6 Best Garden Trowels – Buyers Guide

Gardening is relaxing, rewarding, visually appealing, and requires  commitment and time.  A seasoned gardener would tell you that the work is more enjoyable when you have the right tool for the job. 

Have you ever tried to dig a hole with your hands?  Its not very efficient, and wreaks havoc on the hands when you run into rock.  Then you buy a tool to dig out that rock and at the first encounter with the formation you think ah I have this and you place your trowel into the soil to remove the stone and the handle on the trowel bends at the force or removal.  Now you are back to digging the rock out by hand again.  A vicious circle.

However investing in a quality trowel will ensure a symbiotic relationship between you, your hands, the soil and the rocks. It’s essential that you invest in the best garden trowel as this tool that has been around for centuries is designed to make gardening more comfortable and help you save time.

Gardening can be so much fun if you are using the right garden hand tools!

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What is a garden trowel used for?

A garden trowel is used by gardeners to remove weeds around plants, for planting seedlings into pots or preparing seed beds.

You can use a garden trowel to dig holes, plant bulbs, transplant, and scooping a small amount of soil.

How to maintain a garden trowel?

The number one maintenance to all shovels including a trowel is to keep it clean. 

I am sure you have seen many pictures of trowels that have been left outside in the elements full of dirt that many call retro items.  These items become a part of art projects and designs. 

However, the main use was to dig, transplant and scoop dirt.  If the trowel is full of rust this means the surface is contaminated and though it will probably scoop soil, the risk of introducing disease and infection to your soil, plant, seedlings and seeds increases greatly.


To maintain a garden trowel, you have to focus on keeping it clean, plus you have to store and organize it neatly.  Lastly, you have to sharpen it too when needed.

When searching for the best garden trowel, it’s essential to be aware of certain features.

Knowing the materials used would give you an idea of whether the product would be durable or not!

For instance, the handle has to be comfortable in your hand and the blade sharp enough to dig in the dirt.

Our guide will provide product details, user experience, and research.

Tips On Buying The Best Garden Trowel

When you plan on buying a garden trowel/shovel, keep the following points in mind:

1. Make sure the materials used are of high-quality. A metal blade made from stainless steel vs. aluminum will impact the load the trowel can dig before bending and your purchase’s dollar value.

2. Durable design will ensure a long lifespan of the product. Metal will last a long time but is also heavy. Plastic, on the other hand, is light but may not have a long life span.

3. A handle with an ergonomic design will be more comfortable to use and will reduce the fatigue to your hand. If you have arthritis in your hands, look for a wider trowel rather than narrow to reduce fatigue and pain. You can check whether it’s composed of wood, metal, or plastic. If you cannot sit or crouch to utilize a short-handled trowel, opt for a long-handled trowel used when standing.

4. The handle’s length will determine how much force you will need to use to turn the dirt or dig out the plant. The longer the handle, the less power you will require. Match the handle length to your task.

Trowel Comparison Table

Product Name Weight Blade Material Handle Items Included
MOSFiATA 14 Pcs Stainless Steel Garden Tool Kit 1.52 kg for complete kit (3.35 lbs) Stainless Steel Plastic 3 Sharp shovels S,M,L, three tine rake, weeding knife, spray bottle, tie rope, pruning  shear, a small rake, three-column fork (big), carry case, grass scissor, fruit and vegetable scissor, weeder
Hortem 6PCS Long Garden Hand Tools About .22 kg (.5 lbs) for each tool Durable fully heated iron Carbon steel 1* five-harrow(17.2inches, 0.5LB) 1* two teeth peach hoe(17.4inches, 0.59LB) 1* spade(17.5inches, 0.5LB 1* three-jaw cultivator(15.7inches, 0.44LB) 1* comfortable gardening nitrile gloves
Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens 5310KEW Stainless Steel Trowel with 40-Inch Handle 739.36 gr (1.63 lbs) Stainless steel Stainless Steel 40 inch handle to utilize when standing
MISAZ Stainless Steel Garden Trowel 5.89 kg (13 lbs) Stainless steel Stainless Steel One piece design
GORILLA EASY CONNECT Heavy Duty Garden Tools, Three pieces = 954 g (2.10 lbs) Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum Hand Trowel, Transplant Trowel and Cultivator Hand Rake
Cate's Garden Garden Transplanter 45 grams (.09 lb) Stainless steel Ash Wood Gradation marks allows you to measure soil depth in inches.

Garden Trowel Product Review

1. MOSFiATA 14 Pcs Stainless Steel Garden Tool Kit

Searching for a gardening tool set that can help you plant bulbs, dig holes, transplanting, or scooping a small amount of soil, you can consider this one as it would be suitable for your gardening requirements.

The tools are of stainless steel, so they are very durable. Using the 14 professional garden tools set can help you spend more time with your loved ones as your gardening would be efficient because of the tools’ ergonomic design. The carrying case would allow you to store the tools when not in use so carrying it would be easy for you.

Features include:

Stainless steel construction

10.43 inches of total length

Silver color

Suitable to deal with all kinds of soil

Easy storage

Durable design

2.Hortem 6PCS Long Garden Hand Tools




In this six-piece set of garden hand tools, you would be getting a garden tool that’s not just comfortable, but also provides you with a handle with a non-slip grip.

While working in your garden, you can wear the gloves included in this set!

If you are a tall person, you will find this tool set quite handy.

Features Include:

Full heat iron material

Size extendable before 26.8 inches and after 37 inches

A trowel is included

Easy to use

Suitable for tall people


3. Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens 5310KEW



While working in your garden, and dealing with the soil, having a suitable gardening tool can make your life easy. Why not take a look at this one!

The head of this garden trowel is made of stainless steel, which means you can expect durability. When using such items, it’s essential to know how long it would last.

It is designed to be rust-resistant so keeping the trowel clean is easy. It has a long handle made from hardwood that is designed to be weatherproof and is FSC approved.

Features Include:

Handle length is 1 m (40 in)

Stainless steel blade

10-year guarantee

Long handle design


Durable and easy to use

4. MISAZ Stainless Steel Garden Trowel


With a sturdy handle and stainless steel construction, this particular garden trowel can be a suitable addition to your life.

 It is great for transplanting, digging, and a lot more. Plus, it would be possible for you to use it even as a scooper. 

Features Include:

Stainless steel construction

43 inches of total length

Silver color

Suitable to deal with all kinds of soil

Easy storage

Durable design

5. GORILLA EASY CONNECT Heavy Duty Garden Tools



If you plan to get this 3-piece gardening set, you will get a cultivator hand rake, a transparent trowel, and a hand trowel.

You would find this set suitable for seeding, transplanting, aerating, and a lot more. It is rustproof and durable.

Features Include:

Heavy-duty cast aluminum material.

10-year manufacturer warranty.

3-piece gardening set

Durable construction

Ergonomic handle grip

Easy to store

5. Cate's Garden Garden Transplanter





If you are searching for a garden trowel with a slim head design then you can take a look at this one! 

The stainless steel construction means you can expect it to be durable. 

The garden trowel handle is designed to be comfortable for your hand so that you can enjoy your time while gardening.

Carrying it would be easy since it’s a lightweight product.

Features Include:

Weighs 6 ounces 

11 ¾ inches of total length 

Stainless steel construction 

Durable design 

Comfortable handle