Shovels are essential tools for all outdoor projects. They can be used to dig trenches, move soil and rocks, shovel snow, scrape surfaces, and even spread fertilizer or compost. Their versatility makes them invaluable in a variety of settings.

How An Electric Starter Works On A Snow Blower

If you’re new to the world of throwing snow around with super blasts of circulated air, you may be wondering how an electric starter works on a snowblower and maybe, why it may be much more efficient than a pull-start…

Snowblower cab

Are Snow Blower Cabs Worth Purchasing?

A snow blower cab is entirely worth it, so long as you pick the right one and not some generic knockoff that you picked up for cheaper than a pile of dead potpourri at a garage sale.

Notched Trowel

9 Trowels And Their Use

Whether you’re looking to do some plastering or lay some flooring, there’s a trowel explicitly designed for your job…

Metal Vs. Plastic Snow Shovel – The Winner Is

There can be only one clear winner when it comes to a metal vs. plastic snow shovel.

Shovel Spade

Are Spades And Shovels The Same?

There can be only one clear winner when it comes to plastic versus metal snow shovels.

Are Ergonomic Shovels Better Than A Regular Shovel?

Yes, ergonomic shovels have come about as manufacturers are developing ways to reduce stress on your arms, feet, and back while digging.

What Does The Number On A Shovel Mean?

This size number on a shovel denotes  three things: size of the shovel blade, terrain you can use the shovel on, maximum load capacity.

Wearing Heated Clothing When Removing Snow

The production and sale of heated wearables over the years have increased, so you can purchase everything from gloves to jackets.

Best Kept Secrets About Snowplows For Vehicles

Purchasing a snow plow for your vehicle should be done with care to ensure effectiveness and prevent damage to your vehicle.