Shovels are essential tools for all outdoor projects. They can be used to dig trenches, move soil and rocks, shovel snow, scrape surfaces, and even spread fertilizer or compost. Their versatility makes them invaluable in a variety of settings.

Multiple Shovels

Choosing the Right Shovel for Digging Holes

To create a hole in the ground that is less than 6 inches deep, then a basic garden shovel will do just fine. To dig something deeper then use a pointed shovel.

Man with shovel sweating, wiping brow.

How Many Calories Does Shoveling Burn?

The average individual will burn 200 to 450 calories shoveling lightly for 1 hour and burn 450 to 700 calories in an hour when shoveling vigorously.

Muscles Utilized When Shovelling

The muscles utilized when shovelling and are most comonly credited with plyaing the most prominent role are the skeletal muscles which include your abs, deltoid, latissumus dorsi, biceps, and triceps, erector spinea, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Your Edging Shovel Solution: The Perfect Home Landscape

Edging defines the different sections of your yard, making it look neat, clean, and well-organized.

Vehicle Emergency Kit: What you need in your trunk

Vehicle Emergency Kit: What you need in your trunk

Sand Castle

Sand Castle Art: Shovels and Pails

Sand castle art has grown in popularity in recent years, with many people striving to achieve masterpieces. The essential tools include a shovel and bucket.

Mining Shovel

Mining Shovels

A mining shovel is used in mining operations. It helps in excavating or digging, so a mining shovel can dig into the ground, coal, ore, or other materials.


Snowmobile Shovels: How To Choose the Right Tool?

The topic of snowmobile shovels might sound like it starts and ends with: “get one, keep it handy,” but that’s not the case.

Shingle Shovels

Ever tried a pitchfork to remove shingles? You’ll end up chasing unremoved nails all day with your hammer. A shingle shovel is a better choice.