Coal Shovels For Your Fireplace, Wood Stove or Oven – Buyers Guide

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One of the benefits of owning a fireplace is the pleasure of having your family and friends gather to enjoy them.

A coal or fireplace shovel is one of those tools that is always ever-present and used, but its use and value under-appreciated. 

Generally, the coal or fireplace shovel helps remove the ashes and debris from your fireplace or wood-burning stove. 

The fireplace shovel is also there for safety measures.

Suppose the fire begins to crackle and pop, spitting embers out of the fireplace.  Picking up an ember with your hand would not be pleasant. 

Many utilize the shovel to spread out the embers at the end of the evening to help put the fire out quickly before heading to bed.

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What is a Coal Shovel for Your Fireplace, Wood Stove or Oven?

A coal shovel is as the name suggests was orignally created to shovel coal. The thing that makes a coal shovel unique is the shape.

It is a long and broad shovel, generally with a tapered end that has transformed from a long handled shovel for moving coal to keep a home warm, to a shorter handled shovel for removing ash and embers from fireplaces, wood stoves and ovens.

Coal or fireplace shovels are a work of art; some are elaborate in their design, while others are a basic metal scoop. 

The bare metal scoop is not unelegant in any way as fireplace shovels are created from multiple types of metals: brass, steel, wrought iron, carbon, or cast iron.

Some have a hammered look, some are twisted, while others have additional adornments to help them stand out in a crowd. 

Each has a personality waiting for you to find the one that matches your energy in life.

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves have different configurations, so when purchasing a coal or fireplace shovel, ensure you consider this. 

The average length of a fireplace hearth ranges from 2 or 3 feet wide, approximately 16 inches deep, and about 24 to 29 inches high. In comparison, the average wood-burning stove box is 12 to 20 inches wide and 12 to 20 inches deep, and 22 inches in height.

Have you ever speculated about how you can select the best fireplace shovel?

Countless varieties are available, and choosing the right one may seem like it may be time-consuming.

However, finding the right fireplace shovel doesn’t have to be an overwhelming mission.

In this concise review, we will break down our top choice of four leading fireplace shovels. 

In a hurry?  Our number one choice, which is available on amazon, is the Amagabeli 26.5in Fireplace Ash Shovel as it is the sturdiest and most versatile, so will meet all of your needs.

In a hurry?  Our number one choice, which is available on amazon, is the Amagabeli 26.5in Fireplace Ash Shovel as it is the sturdiest and most versatile, so will meet all of your needs.

Coal, Fireplace, Wood Stove, Oven Shovel Comparison – Buyers Guide

1. Fireplace 25-Inch Long Ash Shovel


The Fireplace branded long-ash shovel measures approximately 25 inches and has a detachable wooden handle.

The wood handle is nonslip and heat resistant. The weight of the entire fireplace shovel is about 440 grams or about a pound. 

This shovel is made from stainless steel; it is durable and designed to withstand the heat when picking up embers or ash that are still hot.

The design of this shovel is semi-classic and would be well suited for an average to a larger-sized hearth. If you attach the wooden handle, it is possible to reach further back into the hearth to clean up.

If you’re looking for greater versatility when moving or shifting ash in a fireplace or stove, then this is the shovel to get.


  • The detachable handle provides greater versatility.
  • The tip of the blade has a slight angle which creates better usability when removing ash.
  • This fireplace shovel has a silver stainless steel appearance and will fit in modern decor.
  • The tapered blade of this fireplace shovel is slightly longer than average.
  • As the shovel is made from stainless steel, it is sturdy and will last a long time.
  • It can withstand short bursts of heat from wood embers.


  • The socket of the shovel may weaken over time.
  • The tapered blade of the shovel is low on each side, which causes ash to fall over the edges when heavily loaded.
  • Glove usage is always recommended when using any fireplace shovel; however, this shovel offers less heat transference due to the wooden handle when in use.

2. Rocky Mountain Goods 


The Rocky-Mountain Goods’ fireplace shovel measures 17 inches and has a heat-resistant finish.

On the top of this fireplace shovel’s handle is a leather hanging strap for better storage when not in use.

The material used to make this shovel is alloy steel. It weighs approximately half a pound or 0.21 kilograms on average.

Due to the 17 inch size of this fireplace shovel, it would be a great companion with an average-sized hearth.

Remember that the average-sized fireplace ranges from 2 or 3 feet wide, approximately 16 inches deep, and about 24 to 29 inches high.


  • This fireplace shovel’s handle has a nice size that fits the hand well.
  • The circumference of the handle isn’t too wide and will fit a range of users comfortably.
  • Due to the texture of the handle, your hand will not slip too easily.
  • The weight adds to the quality of the shovel and is suitable for quick use.
  • The fire-resistant coating adds to the durability of the entire shovel for longer-term use.
  • It has a simple design that will fit in various decor and fireplace styles.
  • The backstep and blade of this fireplace shovel are high enough to prevent ash from falling out.
  • This fireplace shovel feels relatively balanced in one hand.


  • The V-Neck design may be too thin for the handle. As a result, you are unable to shovel too much ash at one time.
  • The blade’s tip does not angle, and it may be hard to get ash at precise levels the first time.
  • The leather strap is relatively thin, and I would replace it with a thicker and longer strap to better meet my needs.

3. Panacea Products 30″ Black Fireplace Shovel


The Panacea-Products fireplace shovel measures 30 inches long, weighs 1.35 lbs. and is made of alloy steel that has been twisted to increase the strength and endurance of the shovel.

It has a black matte appearance and will blend with various decors. 

This particular fireplace shovel will work with a variety of average-sized fireplaces or stoves of different sizes.

It has a black matte appearance and should work evenly with a variety of decor. In addition, this shovel has been designed to assist with cleaning up cold ash.


  • The longer length of this fireplace shovel provides more variety for more users.
  • The handle design allows users to either lean the shovel against a wall or hang it.
  • The handle may be too thin for some customers.
  • The blade is wide enough to handle cooler ash and wood coal.
  • The slightly angled blade and cutting edge at the end allow you to scoop the ashes thoroughly.
  • This fireplace shovel is durable and strong.


  • The length of the shovel is not efficient for smaller fireplaces.
  • This shovel is designed for cooler coal or ash so heat-seal bubbling may arise with higher temperatures.

4. Amagabeli 26.5in Fireplace Ash Shovel 


The Amagabeli-Garden & Home fireplace shovel is long, 26.5 inches in length.

It has an approximate weight of 1.4 pounds and is made from heavier-duty alloy steel and wrought iron.

This fireplace shovel is terrific for anyone looking for good functionality and a traditional appearance as the steel and wrought iron give the shovel a deep black appearance.

In addition, this shovel is long, so use with bigger hearths or stoves makes it simple to shift or remove ash.


  • Steel and wrought iron mean this shovel’s construction is solid.
  • This arm of the shovel is longer and is made from a robust 10-millimeter round bar.
  • There’s no assembly required.
  • The handle is suitable for smaller to medium-sized hands.
  • It can be used efficiently for hot or cold ash interchangeably.
  • The handle design is ergonomic.


  • The handle and shovel are heavily glued together, which may cause issues over time.
  • The thin handle may create grasping or fatigue problems for those with larger hands.
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