Avalanche Shovels For Winter Adventures

There are over 100,000 avalanches that happen every year in the U.S.A. and Canada that have taken many lives.

The odds of surviving an avalanche decreases with the time a person is a part of an avalanche incident.

According to the Government of Canada, information on avalanches, one in three people survive after one hour of being buried by an avalanche.


Do I need a shovel for winter camping?

You may think you will never be caught in an avalanche as you do not hike in the mountains in the wintertime.

However, people who winter camp, snowmobile and cross country ski are the ones most often in danger of avalanches.

Avalanches generally occur just above the tree line where the slope is around 30 degrees, and the slope is open to the elements, particularly the wind.

If the snowpack is loose and layered and not packed down, the top layer sloughs away, rolling downhill at 90 km per hour, causing havoc and damage to anything in its way below.

Imagine standing in the way of a 90 km vehicle coming right at you or trying to outrun it whether on foot, ski, or snowmobile.

Think you could do it? Of course, some will survive, but most would need to deal with the consequences of such a hit.

It is not just the wind that causes avalanches.

Rain, vibrations, snowmelt on hot days, a man in a machine traversing the snow, or a combination of these events all contribute to why avalanches occur.

You may think that you will never be caught in an avalanche as you do not hike in the mountains in the wintertime. However, people who snowmobile and cross country ski are the ones most often in danger of avalanches.

It is imperative always to have the right equipment when venturing in snow-covered areas.

Shovelzone has put together a list of the three lightest avalanche shovels for extreme conditions, a tool that could save your life.


The Mammut Pro-Light has a neon orange adjustable shaft and grey handle and weighs 1.42 pounds.

Although this is a very light shovel, it is ready for rugged use.

The blade is made of hardened-anodized aluminum.

The overall design and neon color of this shovel are easier to see in various weather conditions.

Additionally, the T-shaped grip of the handle offers greater strength transference.

The blade has ribs running up the scoop vertically to add stability when shoveling.

More importantly, this avalanche shovel is certified through the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), so it is an avalanche shovel that is great for serious users and novices alike.


  • The handle has attachment holes for different uses, such as anchoring in the snow
  • Can be employed as a sled in emergency snow conditions
  • Neon orange adjustable shaft makes it easy to see in varying weather situations
  • It has a rugged design and is constructed with high-quality materials
  • The blade isn’t too large
  • The shovel can collapse for easier storage
  • Telescoping shaft makes use easier for a variety of customers regardless of heights
  • UIAA-156 certified
  • Able to manage a good quantity of snow
  • Simpler to utilize in a variety of extreme snow-emergencies


  • Not offered in a variety of neon or fluorescent colors
  • The T-shaped handle is harder to use with mittens.

The Lifeline-4016 snow shovel is available in a variety of colors and weighs 1.3 lbs.

This shovel is 1/3 of the weight of a typical snow shovel, making it a great travel buddy.

In addition, it can be broken down into three sections for easier storage in your vehicle, on a snowmobile, or backpack. The size of this avalanche shovel is 16.5 x 8.5 x 3.75″.

This avalanche shovel is excellent for small expeditions in areas where avalanches are not highly susceptible to happen.

It is fantastic for anybody looking for an avalanche shovel that is easy to pack and has many adjustability features. 

In addition, this shovel can be used as a tool to dig out your car, make a shelter, or you can use it for self-defense against smaller animals.

Thus, it is suitable for people who want to be safe and have a shovel just in case.


  • Simpler to pack
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • It is adjustable from 21 inches, 26 inches, and 32 inches
  • A quality control team has tested this lightweight avalanche shovel
  • The blade is curved upwards so you can shovel more efficiently


  • Due to the handle size, the shovel could be harder to use with gloves on.
  • The shovel has three parts for easy storage, so the joints will be weaker and may break if overloaded too many times.


The Voile-Telepro avalanche shovel is available in one standard color and is exceptionally lightweight for its dimensions.

It weighs one pound and 14 ounces or 0.85 kilograms in total. 

This avalanche shovel has an extended handle which will give you more leverage when shoveling.

In addition to this, the handle’s design is easy to utilize even while wearing gloves. 

The shovel is made from T6 tempered 6061-aluminum and has an ultimate (tensile) strength of 42,000 PSI.

This shovel is well created and designed for professional adventurers in extreme conditions, and it would be an excellent shovel for novice adventures.

This shovel is an excellent choice for those who adventure on a snowmobile or in a vehicle like a 4 x 4.

Likewise, it can be a great addition to those who adventure on foot. Finally, it is for adventurers who depend on a substantial avalanche shovel.

It is rugged enough to handle lots of snow easily and is strong enough to be used as an anchor in the snow or as an emergency sled. 


  • It can move a lot of snow, and the well-constructed joints are strong to reduce potential breakage.
  • Made for professional adventurers and novices alike
  • The scoop is a good size measuring 15 x10 inches
  • Suitable for any adventurer that are wearing gloves or mittens
  • It has a well-designed handle that prevents your hands from slipping
  • Extremely lightweight
  • It is very rugged
  • It has an efficient and robust telescoping handle
  • Collapsible


  • It may be hard for some to adjust to this shovel while traveling due to its size