Snow Shovels For A Person Of Short Stature

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If you are of short stature, the task of shovelling snow can be challenging. However, there are snow shovels for a person the short stature, and choosing the right snow shovel will allow you to clear snow much more efficiently.

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Which Shovel Is Best

When choosing the best snow shovels for a person of short stature, consider the shovel’s size, handle length, and blade design. Adjustable handles allow you to control the shovel better, and lightweight snow shovels are easy to maneuver.

Ergonomic handles and grips fit comfortably in your hands and will will reduce strain on your hands and arms, and the scooping width should be narrow enough to get the job done quickly and easily. Additionally, look for ergonomic features such as telescoping handles and cushioned grips that make shovelling easier and more comfortable. If you are unable to do the heavy duty work of manual labour, consider a snow blower, blower pack or an electric shovel instead, as they are easy to use and can handle most snowfalls.

Other features worth considering include the shovel weight and material of construction. Look for lightweight shovels made from plastic, as they will make clearing snow much more manageable. Additionally, be sure to consider the design of the blade, as different shapes can make clearing snow faster and more efficient. Lets review each aspect more closely.

Metal Vs. Plastic Snow Shovel 

Both snow shovels are durable and can handle heavy loads, making them a good choice for anyone, but there are a few differences that may assist you.

Plastic snow shovels are lightweight and ergonomic, making them easier to use and have handles suitable for people of short stature. On the other hand, metal snow shovels are more durable and can handle heavier loads which are ideal for people in the construction or utility industry. For a deeper dive into the best shovel materials, please read our guide Metal Vs. Plastic Shovels The Winner Is.

Straight Vs. Bent Handle

When selecting a snow shovel for someone of short stature, it is essential to consider the handle type. Bent handles have a curved shaft for easier use, making them ergonomic, and they can provide better leverage while shovelling. Meanwhile, straight handles require more bending when pushing snow. However, despite bent handles providing more power to move the snow, for those with limited strength, they may be too long for someone of short stature.

So if your goal is to clear a path and your location has an area to push the snow off to the side without needing to lift the snow, a straight handle is your best bet. However, if you need to lift the snow off to the sides as the snow season progresses, it is best to have a straight handle that is the correct length for your height.

Handle Length

Look for a shovel with an adjustable handle length to ensure that the handle is long enough to provide comfortable leverage and stability while shovelling snow without causing strain on the wrists or back. To ensure an ergonomic experience, select a snow shovel with adjustable features such as adjustable blade angle and handle height, as this will allow you to customize the handle’s height for maximum comfort and control. Collapsible shovels are compact, lightweight, and easy to store, which makes them the best option. 

Scoop Size

There are different types of scoops found on a snow shovel; sleigh, square, triangle and various depths of curved. When clearing snow from your porch, driveway or walkway, having the correct type of shovel can make all the difference.  

The most common type is a sleigh scoop or an extra large snow pusher shovel, with an angled blade that can quickly clear large amounts of snow in a short amount of time as it is wide snow shovel. The square scoop has four sides with sharp edges that can cut through thick piles of snow, while the triangle shape is perfect for moving snow in tight spaces. Finally, various depths of curved scoops are great for picking up heavier loads.

When choosing the scoop size of a snow shovel, you also need to look at the material the shovel is made from. For example, fibreglass scooping shovels are durable and easier to handle but are not great for heavy snowfall conditions as they flex somewhat. A heavy snowfall condition is where the snow has accumulated 4 inches over 12 hours.

Our Recommendations

Below are our recommendations for specific tasks that will help you choose the best snow shovel for you, available on Amazon and you may want to check Walmart as well.


Easily remove large amounts of snow from your driveway or long approaches/sidewalks. The handle is ergonomic. This shovel is for pushing the snow not lifting it out of the way.


A great all around shovel for sidewalks and driveways when the snow is more than 5 inches deep. The angle you shovel at will determine the handle height. This shovel is designed to push snow not lift snow.


With an additional handle to help you with lifting snow out of the way, this shovel does an excellent job.


Though a collapsible shovel is intended for emergency use when camping and driving you will find this shovel more versatile than most. The height of the handle is adjustable and snow can be pushed and lifted out of the way easily on sidewalks, stairs or porches.


A wheeled shovel is a snow pusher and unlike other snow pushers that require your strength to push this has wheels to assist you.

Shovelling Tips 

  • The best technique for pushing and lifting snow is bending at the knees, not the waist, to help prevent injuries and soreness.  
  • Opt for a lightweight snow shovel that reduces your body’s strain and lessens fatigue.
  • Take frequent breaks in the snow shovelling process to allow your body to rest and avoid overexertion. 

Following these tips, you can enjoy snowfall without back or wrist pain.    

Final Thoughts

When selecting the best snow shovel for someone of short stature, there are several factors to consider, including material, handle length and scoop size. Plastic snow shovels are lightweight and ergonomic, while metal snow shovels are more durable. Therefore, it is essential to select a snow shovel with an adjustable handle length and scoop size that suits your needs and provides maximum comfort when operating it. 

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