Snow Shovels For Tall People

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If you’re tall, shovelling snow can be tiring, tedious, and back-straining and you may be using a lot of energy lifting and throwing the snow. Often taller people work harder than others when moving snow, as taller people have an extra burden of lifting the snow higher due to their height when clearing snow from sidewalks and doorways and need snow shovels for tall people.

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Snow Shovels For Tall People: Size Does Matter

The good news is that there are shovels for tall people that make the job much easier. These shovels allow tall people to shovel snow without bending down or straining their backs and tend to be more durable than regular shovels, which means they can handle heavy snow loads and frequent use. 

When choosing a snow shovel, look for adjustable handles, cushioned grips, and anti-slip treads. Additionally, consider extra ergonomic features such as extendable handles, collapsible designs, and wheels or rollers for easy transport. Finally, when choosing a snow shovel, consider both the dimensions of the shovel and its weight, as this will help ensure that you have the balance of shovelling power needed to handle heavy snowfall.

Longer snow shovels are best for those who want more scooping power but want to maintain maneuverability. Additionally, consider the handle you prefer: straight-edge or bent-handle. A straight-edge handle is suitable for general use, while a bent handle allows for better grip and control of the shovel’s length. Also, consider the handle size as it relates to your hand size and grip style.

Long Handles For The Taller Person

A snow shovel is an integral part of snow removal for any residential area, but using shorter shovels can cause back and arm strain when shovelling heavy snow. That’s why it’s ideal for taller people to use a shovel with a longer handle to reduce the amount of strain on their back and arms. 

An extension handle is handy for snow removal as it will save time by allowing you to cover more ground with each pass. In addition, an extension handle can be beneficial for tall people as it will enable you to reach items that may otherwise be out of their reach. It also helps maintain better posture when pushing and pulling snow, preventing back strain from bending down too far. 

The added length of an extension handle gives taller people more leverage when maneuvering the snow, which can reduce fatigue from having to exert much more force than someone of a shorter stature would need. 

Some models are built with ergonomic designs to help improve comfort and make long-term use easier on the user’s body. In short, a long handle is an excellent tool for tall people as it offers convenience, improved posture and leverage, and ergonomics.

Features To Look For In A Shovel And Handle For A Tall Person

  • Ergonomic design: An ergonomically designed handle will help reduce strain on the user’s hands and arms, making it more comfortable to use for longer periods.
  • Non-slip grip: A non-slip grip helps provide a secure hold which is important when maneuvering heavy loads in slippery conditions.
  • Rust-proof coating: Choosing a shovel with rust-proof construction prevents the shovel from corroding over time and prolongs its life span.
  • Durable materials: Selecting a snow shovel with durable materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, wood or aluminum ensures long-term durability and strength to handle heavier loads without breaking or bending.
  • Lightweight construction: A lightweight shovel makes it easier to lift and maneuver, which is essential when dealing with more significant amounts of snow.
  • Telescopic handle: An adjustable length handle allows for greater reach and control when shovelling snow in different conditions.
  • Wide base: A broad base helps provide stability when shifting large amounts of snow, reducing the risk of injury from slipping or falling.
  • Curved blade: A curved blade helps reduce strain on the user by providing a better angle for scooping up more snow with each pass while also improving efficiency.
  • Deep scoop design: A deeper scoop design allows users to move more snow quickly with less effort, making it more efficient to use in larger areas.
  • Durable handle: A heavy-duty handle can help ensure the shovel can withstand repeated use without breaking or bending over time.

Create A Perfectly Balanced Shovel For A Tall Person

To have a perfectly balanced shovel, you need a handle that is adjustable in height to fit your body. The handle must be wide enough to provide a secure grip and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and strain on the hands. Additionally, the shovel’s scoop should be durable and wide enough to move more snow in fewer scoops.

When you find a shovel that is what you are looking for in every way; a wide blade, great scooping and pushing ability and plastic but a short handle; you can modify the shovel to meet your needs.

1. Gather the materials needed: extension handle, shovel blade/head, screws/rivets, and drill.

2. Select a shovel blade/head that is strong enough to move heavy snow and wide enough for efficient coverage of larger areas.

3. Insert the handle, whether wood, fibreglass, aluminum, or carbon fibre, into the shovel head, and ensure it is in and seated.

4. Drill through the handle using the holes in the head as a guide. Use a drill bit that is a hair smaller than the screw or rivet, so the screw or rivet fits tightly.

3. Securely attach the extension handle to the top of the shovel head using screws or rivets. Gently turn the screw or tap the rivet onto the shovel head. Placing the shovel head on something hard with the rivet head facing down will make this task easier.  

4. Place a washer on the screw or nut before peening the rivet or tightening the lock nut.

5. Then, take a hammer and peen the end of the rivet sticking through the opposite side of the shovel head or attach a lock nut if you use screws. 

6. Make sure all screws are tightly secured to ensure maximum strength and stability when lifting heavy loads of snow with your new snow shovel.

7. Once finished, test out your new extended-length snow shovel by scooping up some snow.

By following these instructions, you can quickly build a snow shovel for a tall person designed to be comfortable, efficient, and long-lasting. You can also see how many calories you will burn shovelling in our guide How Many Calories Does Shoveling Burn?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: an electric or gas-powered snow shovel?

Electric snow shovels are lightweight and easy to use, so they are best for smaller snow removal jobs. On the other hand, gas-powered snow shovels are more powerful and have a longer run time than electric models, so they are best for larger snow removal jobs.

Is there a snow shovel for tall people that does not break easily?

Several shovels are specifically designed for you if you’re a tall person looking for a snow shovel that will not break easily. 

Final Thoughts

A snow shovel with an extension handle is an excellent choice for tall people who want to save time on snow removal tasks. This type of shovel can provide improved leverage, comfort, posture support, and efficiency with the right features. So if you are tall and looking for a practical solution to make snow removal easier, investing in a good quality snow shovel with an extension handle should be strongly considered. 

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