What Are The Different Types of Snow Shovels

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Shovels are the perfect way to get rid of the wintry mess- plus, it’s a workout! 

One cubic foot of snow weighs around 28 kg. (62 lbs.). So, if you’re clearing the driveway of  33 m. (360-sq. ft), you’re about to lift approximately 10,115 kg. (22,300 lbs.) of snow.

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There are many types of snow shovels on the market today.

Choosing the right shovel for you might be a confusing task as there are several factors to consider, including your physical ability, the snows weight, density, and the frequency of snowstorms in your area.

Let our guide help you in making the best choice.

Electric Snow Shovels

When you are not physically fit enough to deal with the manual or traditional snow shovels in the thick snow, there is an automated type known as the electric snow shovels. It has an auger that is powered by either a cord or battery to move the snow. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything rather than maneuvering the shovel over the snow to remove it.

Push Shovels

The design of these shovels means that the blade size is wider and has a sharp cutting edge that bites into the snow. The width and the sharp blade means that you can clear your driveway within a breeze. A snow shovel allows you to clear a path and lift the snow to throw it away from the path.

Shovel Zones buyers guide has reviewed the different types of push shovels for you. 

Sleigh Shovels

The mechanism of these sleigh shovels is not much different from the push shovels. But the advantage is its wider blade. You can push more snow and remove snow piles to clear out all obstacles on your path.

Interested in a sleigh shovel?  Check out Shovel Zones Buyers Guide.

Snow Pusher

Some consider the snow shovel and the snow pusher the same shovel.  Here at Shovel Zone we consider them two different shovels.  The main difference is that a snow pusher does as it says it pushes the snow from the surface it is used on but when it comes to placing the snow somewhere lifting the snow become difficult.  There might come a situation where pushing the snow will not work for you due to snow piles that are created.

Does a snow pusher sound like the right match for you? Check out our buyers guide to review the different types of snow pushers to ensure you get one that best meets your needs.

Scoop Shovel

As is clear from the name, this type of snow shovel is featured with a scoop that can carry more snow than others. But things are going to be heavier for you in this case. In locations where the snow is deep it is near impossible to push the snow so a scoop shovel is required to clear a path.

Not all scoop shovels are the same.  Shovel Zone has created a buyers guide to help you make the best choice.  Read More…

Wheeled Shovel

Some snow shovels have wheels attached at the base. This way, you can push a large amount of snow with the least effort. These shovels have a sharp blade in front of the wheel resting on the ground so that you can glide the shovel without applying much force.

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