Best Snow Shovel For Women

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It’s snow season, and snow shovels are an essential item many snow enthusiasts rely on.

Today we will be reviewing the best snow shovels for women, to help you find a snow shovel that fits your needs, whether you want one for household use, professional use, or just for fun on the weekends making a snowperson with your family.

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The Three Essential Features of the Best Snow Shovel For Women

Snow shovels are considered an essential tool to remove heavy snow from driveways and sidewalks, and they come in various shapes and sizes, but the best ones have three features:

1. A Robust Design

You don’t need a lightweight flimsy snow shovel when moving snow, regardless of the amount of snow.

It would be best to have a snow shovel with the right design made for easy snow removal. 

Look for a durable shovel as snow shoveling takes energy, and is a full body exercise.  So you have to be prepared for whatever the snow season has in store for you, light snow and deep snow.

Moving heavy amounts of snow can be challenging, but it’s still just snow after all.

The best way to deal with heavy snow is through an ergonomically designed snow shovel that makes you feel as if you’re not moving anything at all, yet you’re moving heaps of snow.

A shovel that is robust will meet all your needs.

2. Ultra-strong Shovel Blade

The best snow shovel can handle the toughest snowfalls no problem, but what about those who don’t want to spend hours just trying to clear snow from their driveways or plow through the ice?

The answer lies in a high-quality snow shovel blade that can get the job done efficiently, even if the ground is frozen.

3. Sturdy D-grip Handle

Strong grip is essential when moving even the heaviest amounts of snow, and snow shovels with sturdy handles can do the job in less time.

In addition, having a grip that fits your hand will assist in balancing the load you are moving, allowing for more efficient clearing and ease on your body.

A strong D grip handle is important because it prevents slipping when lifting heavy amounts of snow, plus it makes the entire snow shoveling experience more comfortable. 

Your hands will thank you for using a snow shovel with solid handles.

For a deeper dive into specific components of a shovel to cosnider when purchasing a shovel check out our guide Choosing The Best Shovel For You.

Other Considerations

Shoveling is exercise, and many want to get out there, get it done regardless of the weather conditions or fitness level, which leads to dangerous situations for women.

Also, in our fashion-forward culture, outerwear needs to be just so, but  fashion may not suit the work required to shovel snow.

How often have you said to yourself, It is so cold, I want to finish this now!

I only have a few more rows of shoveling to complete my hands will be fine.

Or maybe it’s your face or feet that are cold and turning red that you are telling yourself you can suffer through — please don’t suffer through. 

To avoid these conversations with yourself and prevent frostbite, it’s essential to use snow gear to protect you from the elements.

Use gloves when working out in the cold weather.

Also, be sure you wear winter boots rated for the cold weather. 

You wouldn’t want to injure yourself by slipping in the snow, so invest in high-quality snow boots designed for comfort and safety.

In addition, winter boots can help reduce the likelihood of falling as they have non-slip soles so that snow shoveling will be safer.

Finally, add extra traction to your boot by adding on boot cleats, ice cleats, or boot grippers.

Frostbite is a thing and occurs more commonly than you think. Your hands, finger, face, chin, toes, ears become cold, then turn red. 

If you do not take action to warm up, numbness occurs as the blood rushes out of the area and the color turns pale and becomes rigid.

If not taken care of, eventually, the tissue will die.

Warm-up before snow shoveling. 

Working out in the cold weather without a warm-up could lead to serious injuries, and if you’re planning on snow shoveling for long hours, warming up is ideal, especially when your muscles may be stiff.

DoI Need A Shovel?

You should consider buying a snow shovel if any of the following apply to you:

– you will be doing some shoveling yourself and don’t want to pay someone else

– you plan on doing some snow removal as a side business or for extra money so you can work from home

– you have company arriving on the days that end in y and want to ensure there is clear access to your home

A quality snow shovel will make all the difference between having an enjoyable time when shoveling snow or the process becoming unwelcomed as your hands/arms will get tired quickly.

So invest in a high-quality shovel, such as a commercial-grade one, instead of a cheap flimsy one that won’t last long due to thin metals that won’t hold up when moving snow, snow, and more snow.

Ensure they’re not too long or heavy for you because this can cause back pain or a stiff neck. 

Choose a snow shovel with an ergonomic design whose handles aren’t too long and lightweight enough to handle them on your own.

The snow shovels featured here are heavy-duty and can handle large amounts of snow accumulation in your driveway, leaving no traces behind.

Decided that you will research wheeled shovel options or electric shovels then head over to our helpful guides to assist you.

Handy Guide to Buying A Snow Shovel With Wheels

Wheeled Snow Shovel Buyers Guide

Are Electric Snow Shovels Good?

Decided I want a good shovel and wonder which to choose?

Below are our recommendations for the Best Snow Shovel for Women.


Sleigh Shovel with Footstep and Steel Wear Strip
When you need to clear a driveway, sidewalk or walkway fast and it’s time to buckle down, get out the Sleigh Shovel. This durable stainless steel (no rust) scoop can push up to 550 lbs of snow with one scoop! Resistant to wear for years of use, this shovel is ready for any blizzard that may come your way. The Sleigh Shovel will make sure all that chunky frosty buildup gets turned into slush before you know what hit you. So don’t waste precious hours gathering up heavy armfuls of white stuff—even if they are light and fluffy like cotton candy, drag them straight.

Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Wheeled Snow Pusher
The Snowcaster is a lightweight snow pusher that features a light, but sturdy design and can clear 6″+ of dry powder from your driveway in minutes.The Snowcaster is perfect for shoveling beginners or those with limited mobility and should definitely be considered before you break out the shovel or snow blower. There is a learning curve on how to use but once mastered the snow will be cleared easily.

Let Snow Joe handle the work of getting you and your driveway clear with this ergonomically-designed shovel.. The deep blade scoops up piles faster, while its comfortable grip is easy on your back. The second handle will assist in lifting the snow to pile it up reducing wear on your shoulders and back.d shovel.

19-Inch Ergonomic Snow Shovel
This shovel is lightweight and has a curved handle to reduce strain on your back. It comes with a nylon wear strip that is 95% more resistant and won’t scratch outdoor surfaces. With a 19-inch high capacity blade and aluminum handle, this shovel is perfect for intensive use during the winter months.
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